How to Put Epoxy Coatings Over a Tile Floor

Claudia Henning

Coating a tile floor with epoxy paint is a swift way to update and beautify a drab and scuffed up surface. Whether changing colors, or simply putting the tile back to its original hue, epoxy paint is the solution that is kindest to the family budget.

Though not recommended for bathrooms, or any areas that will frequently get wet, the epoxy will weather well in all other areas. Providing yourself adequate ventilation is a must for this do-it-yourself painting project.

  1. Mix 1/4-cup of liquid detergent with a gallon of water in a bucket. Mop the tiled floor. Rinse with plain water and let the floor dry for an hour.

  2. Tape off any edges and baseboards. Use a roller to paint the tiles with a quality epoxy interior/exterior house paint. Allow the paint two or three hours to dry before adding a second coat (if needed).

  3. Roll or brush on a urethane clear coat layer once the epoxy paint has dried. The clear coat will protect the newly painted surface.

  4. Wait the label recommended drying time for the urethane product before using the floor. Remove the tape and discard.

  5. Tip

    Purchase quality paint and urethane finish coat. They will last much longer than cheaper brands. Tim Carter offers excellent advice on paint choices at askthebuilder.com (See Resources).


    Wear safety glasses and gloves when painting.

    Use a ventilator mask if you are sensitive to strong fumes.

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