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How to Paint Ceramic Tile With Acrylics

Elizabeth Chaplin

Over time, ceramic tiles wear down, looking dingy and aged. If the tiles are not cracked or damaged, one way to update them is by painting them with acrylic enamel tile paint. Repainting ceramic tiles with acrylic enamel makes old tiles look shiny and new. Many types of enamel tile paints are heat-safe above 300 degrees Fahrenheit and will withstand moisture. Before beginning, it is important to prepare the tile surface for the paint to adhere properly.

Paint over old, worn-out tiles with the correct type of paint.
  1. Wash the tile surface with a solution of warm water and dish soap, using a rag. Make sure all oils, soap residue and dirt are removed. Rinse completely, then dry with a soft towel.

  2. Apply painter's tape around the edges of the tile so you do not get paint on the surrounding countertops or walls.

  3. Brush on a layer of acrylic enamel surface conditioner, using a soft paintbrush. The tiles will have a hazy appearance. Wait for the haze to disappear.

  4. Paint the tiles with an acrylic enamel tile paint and another paintbrush, painting into the grooves between tiles for the cleanest finish. Let the tiles dry completely.

  5. Apply a glossy or satin acrylic enamel glaze over the tiles with a paintbrush. Glossy glazes will give the tiles a shiny appearance, while satin glazes have low luster. Let the tiles dry for at least 10 days, or according to the manufacturer's directions.