How to Compare Nylon & Polyester Carpet

When choosing carpet, you think of qualities that are important such as a carpet that lasts, has the right color, is easy to clean and soft to the touch. Nylon is the most popular fiber used for carpets while polyester runs second.

They both have good and bad qualities that will make you think twice about which one will work best. Comparing nylon and polyester carpets will help you decide on the one for you.

  1. Determine where you plan to have the carpet in order to decide which carpet would work best for your needs. For example, if you lay the carpet in a high-traffic area you will want one that is highly durable. If you plan to lay the carpet in a room that is not used often then choose one that is the less expensive.

  2. Compare the durability of polyester and nylon carpets. With increased foot traffic, polyester fibers bend more and more, making the carpet less resilient, whereas nylon fibers can be compressed and stretched and the carpet bounces back.

  3. Notice the price of nylon and polyester carpets. Nylon is the most expensive whereas polyester is the least. This is largely due to its durability. Polyester may last up to five years whereas nylon can last twice that long.

  4. Compare how easy they are to clean. Polyester does not stain and is easier to clean than nylon. Despite the cost of nylon and its durability, it is very difficult to remove stains. However, there are stain-resistant products such as Scotchgard that can be used to help prevent stains. Cover the carpet with the stain resistant product before using it.

  5. Look at the colors of the polyester and nylon carpets. Polyester carpets come in a wider variety of colors than nylon because polyester is easier to dye. Polyester also maintains its coloring whereas nylon colors tend to become dull over the years.

  6. Tip

    Polyester starts out softer than nylon, but the fibers will not remain soft for too long, depending on the amount of traffic it endures.