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Can Seagrass Be Stained?

Anise Hunter

Seagrass is a natural product for the home. It is a water grass grown in China and is used to make durable and nontoxic rugs. The grasses are dried and turned into yarn for the rugs.

Seagrass is a natural rug product.

Dyeing Seagrass

Grasses come in tan and green.

It is difficult to dye seagrass. The grasses are waterproof and not very permeable. They come in natural tan and green tones. It is possible to mix different colors of seagrass to create patterns of beige and green.

Stains and Seagrass Rugs

If tough stains occur, blotting at them should remove them from seagrass.

Because seagrass rugs have a waxy coating, they do not tend to stain easily. If a stain occurs, blotting at the stain will often tend to remove it altogether. If necessary, use a small amount of soap and water. However, it is preferable to bring a stained rug to a dry cleaner instead of using products that might damage the natural stain resistance.

Maintaining Seagrass to Avoid Stains

Use a vacuum on seagrass

To ensure seagrass maintains its existing color and does not become stained, vacuum it instead of sending the rug to the cleaners. Do not use cleaning agents on the rug. Do not wet or steam-clean it, as this will compromise the natural integrity of the rug. This will ensure the seagrass retains its color.