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How Do I Clean a Seagrass Rug?

Gretchen Ivey

Sea grass is a fiber with a natural wax coating. Its reed-like appearance blends in with most room designs, and its natural coatings make it highly stain resistant. Sea grass rugs are quite easy to keep clean in that they have the ability to repel most spills or stains. There are times, however, when you will need to take extra steps to keep your sea grass rug clean.


To keep your sea grass carpet crisp and fresh looking vacuum it regularly. The fibers will actually hide the presence of dust and dirt, but this doesn't mean that you should neglect regular cleaning. Dust and dirt will build up in the fibers and eventually become visible. Simply make several passes over the carpet with the vacuum. Repeat this every one to two weeks to keep the sea grass rug looking clean and new.

Blotting Stains

Take care of fresh stains or spills immediately. Take a white cloth, and blot up the stains in the event of a liquid spill. If the stain is solid, scrape up the mess with a dull knife or nail file. Do not rub any liquid, or it can become ingrained in the fibers. This can also spread the stain to a larger area.

Staining Liquids

For liquids that can make a permanent stain, such as red wine or grape juice, dab the white cloth in club soda and then gently blot the stain. This will help neutralize the liquid before it sets in. If the stain doesn't disappear, then dab with a mild soap and let it dry.

Dry Cleaning

For stains that have set in, you may have to have the rug dry cleaned. Check the manufacturers' cleaning and care instructions.

Mold and Mildew

Sea grass is highly susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Mix 1 part chlorine and 6 parts water in a spray bottle, and you have the perfect cleaning solution for this problem. Simply spray the solution on the effected area and dab. This should kill the mildew and mold without bleaching the carpet.