Price Pfister Kitchen Faucet Troubleshooting

Kelly Nuttall

Price Pfister provides customers with the necessary tools to troubleshoot all models of their faucets. The company's online tools provide specific information for the faucet in question, allowing you to view parts diagrams, order the necessary replacement parts and learn how to fix the faucet yourself.

Price Pfister also offers tech support.

Faucet Model Number

You'll need your faucet's model number to find the correct troubleshooting information. The model number is located on the original faucet packaging. If you no longer have access to the packaging, you can visit the Price Pfister website; it features a tool that allows you to narrow down faucet models by feature, including the location of the faucet, the number of handles on the faucet, the spout style, the finish style and the handle style. This information will lead you to the correct parts diagram and installation instructions to fix the defective faucet.

Troubleshooting Guide

Price Pfister's troubleshooting guide allows you to choose from a list of problems and a secondary list of common symptoms. When you click on a particular symptom, the troubleshooting guide will automatically point you to the correct part that you need to purchase in order to correct the problem. The exploded parts diagram is supplied as a PDF (portable document format) document that can be printed or viewed on a computer monitor. The exploded view displays the location of each part and the exact order in which groups of parts are assembled. Use the exploded view to help you disassemble, replace and reassemble the part you ordered.

Ordering and Installing Parts

The most convenient method of ordering replacement parts for your Price Pfister faucet is to use the company's Parts Online Store. The Troubleshooting Guide also contains links to the Parts Online Store, so the transition from searching for parts to purchasing parts will be seamless and simple. You can also call Price Pfister Customer Service at 1-800-PFAUCET (1-800-732-8238) if you have any questions during the ordering or troubleshooting process. The parts will ship directly to your home.

Installation sheets are also available to help guide you when you need a little extra help replacing the ordered parts. Installation sheets can be searched by model number or by model category and configuration.