The Easiest Way to Make Soap

Dustin Eves

While it is difficult to determine the "easiest" way to make soap, some factors can be taken into consideration when finding a simple soap recipe.

Glycerin soap is a comparitively quick and easy soap to make at home.

Whether or not a recipe contains lye (an ingredient that can be harmful to the skin during soap preparation), the number of ingredients required, and the amount of time needed to make the soap are factors that help determine the ease or difficulty of a soap recipe. Because glycerin soap contains no lye, requires few ingredients and takes just an hour or two to make, many consider it the easiest soap to make.

  1. Melt one pound of glycerin soap base (available at many craft stores and some drugstores) in a double boiler on the stove, stirring continuously, or in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave. This will generally take three to five minutes no matter which method is used, though melting times may vary depending on the double boiler or microwave power.

  2. Add drops of food coloring to create the desired color and shade for the soap. To keep bubbles from forming, spray rubbing alcohol on the top of the glycerin mixture periodically.

  3. Stir in desired fragrance. Other additives can also be mixed in if desired, such as flower petals, vitamin powders or liquids like vitamin E for added skin health effects.

  4. Pour the soap mixture into molds. Watch for bubbles to appear and spray rubbing alcohol on any mold where they form. This helps to create solid, smooth bars of soap.

  5. Let the soap molds cool for about 30 minutes, then place them in the freezer for 30 more minutes.

  6. Unmold the soap bars and wrap them in plastic wrap once they are cooled.

  7. Tip

    Keep the stove temperature or microwave power level low to create a slow, even melting. Melting glycerin at high temperatures could cause an undesired texture or appearance.