How to Repair Leather Scuffs

Leather, whether it's your furniture, your apparel or your car seats, can provide durable beauty for years, with a look that never goes out of style. But leather is also easy to scuff and scratch, creating unsightly little marks that are nearly impossible to get rid of.

Repair the scuff marks on your leather items.

Methods are available for you to use to make the scuff marks on your leather less visible and to possibly get rid of them all together.

  1. Clean the scuff and the surrounding area with a store-bought leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

  2. Apply leather glue using a brush if the area around the scuff feels fluffy and worn, which will crystalize, allowing the softened leather to harden, making it workable. Allow the glue to dry based on manufacturer specifications.

  3. Smooth out the scuff area and the glued area with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper. If you don't have sandpaper, try using newspaper, which works like very fine sandpaper.

  4. Wipe the leather again with the soft cloth.

  5. Apply leather pigment with a paint brush in several light coats. Find out what the correct leather pigment before purchase.

  6. Apply the leather top coat to protect the area and preserve the color.

  7. Tip

    You can purchase leather repair kits online and at hardware stores that will supply you with many of the same repair items listed above. If you don't know the leather pigment off the top of your head, call the manufacturer for help.