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What Is Dutch Lap Siding?

Ben Sellars
Table of Contents

Dutch lap is a style of exterior wall lap siding used in residential construction. Its appearance is similar to traditional siding except for a decorative groove in the top of the board.


Dutch lap style siding is popular with vinyl siding manufacturers because the shape adds strength to the siding. This style of siding is less likely to appear wavy when installed.


Only premium grades of vinyl siding are available in Dutch lap style and are more expensive than the lower grades.


The groove in the top of Dutch lap siding creates a feeling of depth that is lacking in other styles of siding.


Dutch lap vinyl siding is made to look like wood siding hand carved by old world craftsmen and complements traditional architecture.


Vinyl and wood siding is available in the Dutch lap style. Because of the popularity of this style, Dutch lap siding is available at most builders supply stores and vinyl siding distributors.