How to Hang a Hook on Tile

Sarabeth Asaff

Tile is a suitable wall covering for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. When the tile covers the entire wall area, sometimes hooks, shelves or other items are installed in the wall tile, rather than in plaster and sheet rock.

Install wall hooks in tile with a drill.

When installing a hook into tile, take steps to keep the tile from cracking, the hole from becoming too large and the hook from sliding out again.

  1. Place two pieces of painter's tape in an "X" over the area where you will install the hook. Mark the exact location where the hook should go in pencil on the tape. The tape will keep the drill from slipping and also help keep the tile from cracking.

  2. Drill a hole into the tile quickly using a carbide bit. If you go too slowly, you risk making the hole in the tile too large to be of use. Drilling the hole quickly will minimize this risk.

  3. Insert a plastic screw plug into the hole, and screw the hook into the plug. The plug will give the screw something to grip into, since the tile may be too smooth once drilled out to take the turns of the screw.