How to Use a Rotozip

Caprice Castano

The Rotozip is a rotary action cutting tool that works like a combination between a router and a jigsaw. Designed to cut in areas that are not accessible by other tools, such as between ceramic tiles or in the center of a piece of drywall, the Rotozip is a handy cutting tool in certain situations. Originally designed for drywall use to replace the awkward and slow hand saws, the Rotozip has evolved to cut all types of materials from grout removal to flooring applications.

Rotozip is a rotary cutting tool that can trim and cut a variety of materials.
  1. Insert the correct bit for the job. Rotozip cuts drywall, backer board, copper pipe, grout, ceramic tile, wood, plastic and even granite. The bits are specifically designed for different materials, so be sure to choose the right one to avoid damage or injury. Insert the bit into the zip tool head (collet) and tighten the nut to hold it in place. Plug in the tool.

  2. Mark the area you are cutting as a guide. Using the bump switch turn on the Rotozip.

  3. Insert the Rotozip bit into a point on the cutting line of the project. Using firm and steady pressure, move the tool in a counterclockwise direction. Since the bit spins clockwise to cut, moving the tool clockwise makes it harder to control. The opposite direction provides smoother performance.

  4. Complete the cut and remove the material you cut. Turn off the Rotozip and unplug the tool. Press the shaft lock button and rotate the collet to loosen it. Remove the bit and re-tighten the collet, then release the shaft lock button.

  5. Clean the bit with a dry cloth to remove debris and store in the case. Wipe down the Rotozip tool with the cloth and store it in the case provided or tool box.