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How to Add Motion Detection to Existing Flood Lights

Kristan Hart

Existing flood lights that are in good working order don’t require replacement if you want motion sensor lights in their place. Instead of tossing out a good light fixture, adapt your existing flood lights to motion flood lights using a motion sensor socket.

Turn your flood lights into motion lights.

A motion sensor socket screws into your existing light sockets to instantly add motion detection features to your existing flood lights. You can change your existing light fixture to a motion detection light fixture without altering wiring or messing with the electrical panel.

  1. Remove the floodlight bulbs from the existing light fixture. You will use these same bulbs again, so set them in a safe place while you work.

  2. Insert the motion-sensor socket into one of the light sockets and rotate it counter clockwise to screw it into the socket. Continue rotating the motion sensor socket in place until it won’t turn anymore.

  3. Place your flood light bulb end in the socket of your motion sensor. Rotate it counter clockwise to screw it into the socket.

  4. Add a motion sensor socket to the other side of the floodlight fixture, because most flood lights come with two bulbs. You need to use one motion sensor socket for each light bulb in the fixture.

  5. Flip the light switch for your motion flood lights to the “On” position and leave it there. The motion sensor will detect movement and turn the light bulbs on. When the motion stops, the light will turn off after four minutes.