How to Paint a Vinyl Shower Curtain

If your bathroom is looking a bit boring for your taste, take a look at your shower curtain. Your curtain should add color to the room and reflect your personal style, but often the shower curtain lacks style and creativity, making the bathroom look dull and dated.

Paint your shower curtain to update your bathroom decor.

Making a custom shower curtain for your bathroom requires a few craft supplies and some creativity.

  1. Prep your workspace. Protect your floor from paint spills with a drop cloth or a tarp. Spread out the shower curtain so it lies flat. Use your hand to remove any wrinkles or folds.

  2. Use a wet rag to wipe away powder residue that is often on new vinyl shower curtains. This powder can cause problems such as bubbling or streaking as you paint. Hang it up and allow to dry for a couple of hours.

  3. Select a piece of art that you want to transfer to the shower curtain. The artwork can be any size that you desire but should be easily visible for best results. A piece of art at least 24 by 30 inches works well for this project.

  4. Place the art that you have selected facedown on the inside face of the shower curtain. Use painter’s tape or masking tape to attach the art to the curtain on all four sides of the photo. The tape will create a clean border for your artwork as well as keep the photo in place. Make sure that you allow at least a foot of space at the bottom of the curtain so the art doesn’t get soaked when in use.

  5. Flip the curtain over. Use a paint pen to outline the basic shapes on the art.

  6. Mix the latex paint with a touch of water to make it flow easier. Use a large brush to fill in the main shapes with paint.

  7. Use a thin brush to paint the edges of the shapes and any small details. Fill in the rest of the areas with a medium-size brush.

  8. Let the shower curtain dry as long as recommended by the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Touch up any areas with paint if necessary. Allow the paint to dry once again.

  9. Remove the tape and the art from the shower curtain. Hang it up and use as normal.

  10. Warning

    Work in a well-ventilated area.

    Wear a paint mask to prevent the inhalation of toxic paint fumes.