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How to Make Flat Paint Shiny & Glossy

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Flat paint is ideal for disguising tiny defects in walls, yet it has a matte finish that you might find dull. Giving flat paint a glossy, shiny appearance is possible if you use a glazing medium. Providing a transparent, glossy look to the flat paint can be accomplished relatively quickly and with few supplies.

A dry cleaning bag wadded up is another way to apply the glaze, aside from a traditional brush..

Step 1

Lay a covering on the floor underneath your painting project. A drop cloth or an old sheet is ideal. The glazing medium drips quite easily off the plastic wrap.

Step 2

Shake the can of glazing medium well to mix the contents. Remove the lid.

Step 3

Pour approximately half the can into a painter's tray. Replace the lid on the can.

Step 4

Tear off about two feet of plastic wrap. This is an excellent material for applying the glazing medium as it does not absorb any of the product. The result is a glossy shine on the wall or other object.

Step 5

Wad up the plastic wrap so it forms a ball you can hold well in one hand.

Step 6

Press the wad of plastic wrap into the glaze.

Step 7

Touch the glaze lightly to the wall or project to apply the glazing medium. Do this about eight times for every two or three square feet of an area.

Step 8

Smear the wet glaze spots toward each other with the wadded plastic wrap. Work quickly as the medium dries in about 15 minutes. Do this until the area is covered well with the glaze.

Step 9

Repeat the dabbing and smearing of the medium over the entire project, working in small sections until the project is complete.