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How to Clean Hartman Intensity Luggage

Dee Davies

Since 1877, Hartmann has led the pack in the production of high-quality luggage. The company prides itself on designing functional pieces made from the finest materials. One of the company's top-end collections is the Hartmann Intensity Luggage Collection.

Luggage frequently gets dirty, stained and wet.

The body of the luggage is made out of ballistic nylon and trimmed in leather. A downside of travel is that luggage can get dirty, wet or stained. Ballistic nylon repels dirt, stains and water. You can easily clean any of the pieces from the Hartmann Intensity luggage collection.

  1. Fill a sink with cool water and add mild soap. Use cool water; heat sets stains.

  2. Dip a nylon-bristled scrub brush into the cleansing solution. Allow excess water and cleaning solution to drain from the brush. Do not over wet the Hartmann Intensity luggage.

  3. Gently scrub the entire panel where the dirt, stain or wet area appears. Scrubbing just the soiled area can lead to that spot appearing lighter than the surrounding areas. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe away excess moisture.

  4. Spray tough stains with cleaning products recommended by Hartmann. They recommend Simple Green, Fantastik, Woolite, 409 or an upholstery cleaner to remove tough stains. Follow the cleaning product manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Spray the clean fabric with a product manufactured to protect material from dirt, water and stains. Hartmann recommends Scotchgard for protecting the Intensity luggage collection.

  6. Warning

    Make sure the soapy water, cleanser and fabric protection spray do not get on any leather trim, the solutions can damage the trim.