How to Make Skull Stencils

Elizabeth Mackey

Stenciling has become a very popular art form in recent times. You transfer a photo or drawing to a piece of cardboard or plastic and then cut out so you can reproduce it over and over again.

A perfect black and white skull.

By cutting out specific details of the image, once you spray paint or brush paint the stencil over, the image appears on the surface you have painted.

  1. Find an image of a skull from the Internet that is white on a black background. Print off the image. Change the size if desired. All of the black areas must connect to make one whole piece, so if there are any freestanding black areas (eye holes, nose holes etc.) make them connect by drawing 1/4-inch thick black lines in between them.

  2. Attach the image to a piece of cardboard using spray-on glue. Allow the glue to completely dry.

  3. Cut out all the white areas very carefully using a utility knife. You may need to go over the cuts a few times before they come loose. If you don't completely cut out an area, you may ruing the stencil if you pull on it too hard.

  4. Find a black or dark colored surface that you can paint on. Lay the stencil down or hold it in place depending on whether the surface is horizontal or vertical. Use white spray paint and cover the cut-out areas completely. Pull off the stencil to see the shape of a skull left behind.