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How to Remove Coffee Stains From White Lace

Thomas Urbauer

If you keep lace items around your home, it will inevitably happen sooner or later. A coffee mug will be set down or some coffee will slosh over a cup's edge, leaving an obvious stain on the lace. Coffee stains on any material can be difficult to lift.

The delicate nature of lace makes stain removal difficult.

Removing coffee stains from white lace without damaging the material is even trickier, but it can be easily accomplished if you know which products are safe.

  1. Blot up excess spilled coffee carefully if the stain has just happened. Never rub the coffee or the stain will spread and further permeate the material.

  2. Rinse the lace item in cold water several times. Then soak the lace in a bowl of clear, cold water for several hours, checking on it every few hours to see if the stains have lifted.

  3. Wash the white lace by hand, using a wool detergent. Machine-washing is not recommended for most lace items, especially older ones that may get caught in the machine or fall apart from the rough agitation. Rinse thoroughly when washing is completed.

  4. Soak the lace in a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and white vinegar for 30 minutes to one hour if stains remain. Rinse thoroughly and then wash again.

  5. Hand-wash the white lace in wool detergent with baking soda added to the water if the stains still remain. Baking soda is a gentle cleanser, odor remover and bleaching agent.

  6. Apply diluted lemon juice to the stain and sprinkle salt liberally over the area if all else fails. Place the white lace in the sun to draw out the stain. It will be absorbed by the salt, which can then be brushed away.

  7. Tip

    Deal with the coffee stain as soon as it occurs. If it is allowed to soak in and dry, the stain will set and be much more difficult to remove. Use store-bought chemicals and cleaners only if the instructions specifically note that they can be safely used on lace. Lace is a very delicate material and can be easily damaged by regular store products intended for sturdier materials.


    Never use hot water or appliances on stains; heated items will set the stain for life. Aggressively rubbing the white lace item during hand-washing can thin, tear or otherwise damage the fabric.