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How to Remove the Tie Dye Off of Clothes

Ideally, tie-dyed clothing should not stain other clothing; however, even with the best quality dye, accidents happen. These dye stains are difficult to remove, and you run the risk of damaging the fabric with stain removers or bleach.

Don't let unwanted tie dye ruin your clothing.

One option is to take the garment to a dry cleaner and let a professional to remove the stain. You may be able to remove the dye at home, but it is not always possible to remove dye transfer stains using at-home methods or even the services of a dry cleaner.

  1. Wash your items using the detergent and water temperature setting recommended on the clothing label. Do not dry the item or you risk setting the stain permanently.

  2. Soak the item in an enzyme pre-soak, such as Biz or Action, if the stain is not gone. Follow the instructions for the specific cleaning product.

  3. Wash the stained item again, following the instructions on the care label.

  4. Soak the clothing in a diluted solution of all-fabric powdered bleach if the stain remains and if it is safe to use bleach on the item. If the bleach doesn't remove the stain within 15 minutes, remove the garment from the water.

  5. Use a color remover, such as RIT color remover, if the stain remains. Follow the package instructions.

  6. Wash the clothing item before wearing.

  7. Tip

    Test any stain-removing products on an inseam before using on the stain itself to ensure that the product is not going to damage the fabric.