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How to Remove Hairspray Stains From Silk

Kristan Hart

Silk is a beautiful, luxurious fabric that requires special care. If you accidentally get hairspray on silk, you can't use a regular pretreated solution to help remove the stain. Instead, treat hairspray-stained silk with care by using a stain removal mixture you make at home. If you can't remove the hairspray stain using this method, consult with a dry cleaner to have the silk cleaned professionally.

Remove the Stain

Remove hairspray stains from silk fabric
  1. Wet the stained area with a damp rag.

  2. Pour a small amount of glycerin on the stain. Glycerin is a thick liquid commonly used in beauty products; a little bit goes a long way.

  3. Rinse the glycerin off the silk hairspray stains thoroughly with cold water.

  4. Allow the silk fabric to drip dry. Drying it under heat can cause the stain to set in, but allowing the garment to dry as it hangs allows you the opportunity to treat the stain again if it doesn't come out the first time.

Restore the Color

  1. Look for faded color caused by the alcohol in the hairspray.

  2. Add a few drops of denatured alcohol to a cheesecloth pad.

  3. Rub the denatured alcohol gently over the faded area, working from a larger area in circles into smaller circles, ending on the original stain.

  4. Repeat as necessary to distribute the remaining color evenly around the area that faded.