How to Build Furniture From 2x4 Wood

You can build attractive 2x4 furniture with basic construction methods using a frame and leg method. It’s sturdy and with the addition of a 1/4 inch glass top and some danish oil this type of furniture can be used throughout your home.

2x4's make sturdy furniture

It’s inexpensive and the design can be expanded to fit different applications in your home. Start with a simple end table.

  1. Build the frame by first mitering the corners of the 12 inch frame pieces at 45 degrees. Lay them out flat on their edge and glue the all mitered corners together forming a 12-inch square. Place a nylon strap clamp around them and tighten. Let dry for an hour. Put 2 screws through each mitered corner.

  2. Attach the legs by laying the frame down on its edge. Flush the top of a leg in the corner of the frame from the inside, and screw it on to the inside of the frame with three screws, do all four legs.

  3. Sand the top of the frame with the belt sander until smooth and flush. Using a soft cloth, wipe danish oil over the frame and legs. Let dry overnight. Run a heavy bead of silicone around the perimeter of the frame on top. Place the glass down on the frame, letting it hang over 1 inch on each side. Place a heavy object on the glass, letting the silicone spread out. Let dry overnight.

  4. Tip

    You could also make this end table with a solid 2x4 top, and then put the glass on. Glass is easier to maintain and clean.


    Examine each 2x4 before you start for cracks, knots and or splits.