Types of House Ants in Georgia

Tameka McSpadden

Georgia is home to over 100 different species of ground-dwelling ants. While many of these ants live outdoors, there are some species that nest inside homes. Being able to recognize the types of house ants in Georgia can make it easier to effectively eliminate ants found inside of a home.

Argentine Ant

The Argentine ant is one of the most active species of house ants in Georgia. The small (1/10 inch) dark brown ant can adapt to a variety of climates, making it easy for the insect to nest anywhere. Argentine ant nests are commonly found in moist areas next to houses ore beneath baseboards. During the hottest months of the summer, the Argentine ant will search homes for water and in the winter the colonies will often infest the walls of houses searching for warmth and food.

Carpenter Ants

Growing up to 3/8 inches long, carpenter ants are one of the largest species of ants found in Georgia. Identified by size and coloring (black with yellow abdominal region hairs), carpenter ants earn their name by chewing wood to create nesting space. These house ants often create nests in moist wood found around dishwashers, bathtubs, skylights, door frames and crawl spaces. Carpenter ants are most active at night and create permanent trails to nesting locations.

Fire Ants

The red, 1/4-inch long fire ant is well-known in Georgia for its painful sting and for building large, reddish, mounds. Fire ants are extremely active during the day and at night when they search for food and defend the colony's nesting mound aggressively. While fire ants usually keep nests outside and only enter homes to search for food or water (during the summer), they have been known to establish nests inside homes. During dry seasons or after floods fire ants will relocate and build nests inside the walls of the nearest house or behind any large appliance.