How to Remove Ink & Pencil From Walls

Martha Burg

Every household with children has had to deal with pencil or ink marks on walls. Most children have coloring books and crayons and places that they are permitted to color and paint. But a large, bare wall and a pen or a pencil are irresistible to most children at some point in their young lives.

Ink can be removed from a wall.

There are several ways to remove the artwork and keep the walls intact and looking clean again.

  1. Rub an art-gum eraser on a non-washable wallpapered wall to remove pencil marks. This will also remove other non-greasy spots.

  2. Rub a soft eraser in small movements on wallpaper to remove ink marks. Remaining marks can be removed with cold water on a sponge wiped in gentle overlapping swipes. Then gently pat the wallpaper dry.

  3. Wipe a wall painted in flat or glossy paint with mild soap and water with a few drops of ammonia added to remove ink stains. If there are still marks, try white toothpaste on a damp cloth to remove the remaining marks.

  4. Rub a paste of baking powder and water on a painted wall to remove pencil marks. Using an art-gum eraser on the wall will also remove the marks.

  5. Warning

    Do not rub on paint or wallpaper too hard or you can damage the finish.