How to Repair Glass and Crystal

Sarah Thomas

Crystal and glass are used to make many items around the home, such as glasses, vases, plates and platters. With frequent use and washing, glass and crystal can chip, or break entirely. If the chip is small or if you have all the parts of a broken glass or crystal piece, you can repair the item at home.

Use sandpaper to repair small chips in glass or crystal.

Supplies to repair your own glass and crystal can be found at home improvement stores or craft stores.

  1. Wrap a small amount of coarse sandpaper over the eraser of a pencil and secure it with tape. Using a pencil with sandpaper makes it easier to reach all of the chip or break.

  2. Wet the cloth in water and wipe the edge of any surface that you are going to sand. Water reduces friction and makes the sanding more effective.

  3. Sand the edge of the chip using the coarse grit sandpaper. If the glass or crystal is broken into several pieces, sand all of the edges using the coarse sandpaper to remove rough edges.

  4. Repeat the sanding using a medium grit sandpaper, followed by a fine grit sandpaper. Sanding successively with finer grits of sandpaper makes a smooth surface on the glass or crystal so that it can be repaired or used without injury.

  5. Wipe the repaired chip using water and a cloth. Small chips are now smooth enough so that the glass or crystal can be used again.

  6. Apply glass cement or epoxy to the sanded edges of the broken glass or crystal and press them together. Use tape to hold the pieces of broken glass or crystal in place.

  7. Follow the manufacturer's directions for the length of time that the cement or epoxy must cure.


If you use the glass or crystal for food or drink, select an epoxy or cement that is specifically designed to repair food and beverage glass or crystal.


Sanding glass or crystal may result in dust. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask to protect against breathing in the dust.

Glass cement or epoxy can have strong fumes. Use according to manufacturer's directions and work in a well-ventilated area.