How to Make a Home Map

R.L. Cultrona

Having a map of your home is very important in case of an emergency. For one thing, it allows you to practice escape routes with your family, showing them where all the doors and windows are in order to assist them in getting out. It can also be used to help emergency personnel in case they have to attempt a rescue.

Drawing out a floor plan doesn't mean going to architecture school.

Creating a home map may seem like a difficult endeavor, but with some time and patience, it can be done.

  1. Draw out the perimeter of your house. Don't worry about it being to scale, but try to get the basic outline and shape.

  2. Draw the interior walls and doors where they are in relation to each other. Again, don't worry about the scale. Make sure that you have all the rooms drawn out in their correct locations.

  3. Measure all the exterior walls of your house with the tape measure. Write those measurements down next to their corresponding wall. Measure the distances from one corner to the windows and the width of the windows themselves. Your goal is to get an accurate representation of all the measurements for the outside of the building.

  4. Repeat this process for the interior walls. Make sure that all the walls have accurate measurements, all the door widths are correct, and all the distances between the corners of rooms and windows are measured. Just like the outside, you want to accurately measure all wall spaces in every room.

  5. Decide on a scale you want to draw your floor plan is. A scale rule will allow you to have several different scales depending on how big your drawing needs to be. For example. If you have a standard size paper, you may want to use the 1/4-inch scale in which each foot of the actual house will equal 1/4-inch on the paper.

  6. Re-draw the house to scale using the scale ruler and the measurements you took from the actual house. Make sure you get the location of all doors and windows as exact as possible.

  7. Tip

    If you have multiple stories for your house, consider measuring and drawing each floor separately. This will make any escape plans easier to follow.


    While accuracy is the key here, don't get caught up on making it 100 percent perfect, especially if one of your walls has an odd measurement (like 78 3/16-inches). You won't be able to get it perfect when you draw it to scale. Just make sure it is close to correct.