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What Is a HEPA Media Filter?

Rachel Terry Swick
Table of Contents

HEPA media filters are most commonly known for their use in vacuum cleaners. But similar HEPA filters are also used on heating systems, furnaces and household vents. These filters are simply meant to filter the air traveling between the household appliance and the air inside the home.

HEPA filters are used in vacuum cleaners.

They are designed to filter allergens and improve the overall efficiency of the appliance.


HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The filters are often used on cleaning appliances, such as a vacuum. The HEPA media filter is designed to remove small particulate or floating matter from the air and trap it inside the cleaning appliance, so that it does not enter the air inside the home.

What Is It Made Off?

HEPA filters are made of interwoven pieces of fiberglass put together at random to create a web-style filter. The idea is to have a tightly-woven filter at the end of the process, which will help stop most air particulates and pollutants.


HEPA media filters are found in both homes and businesses. They filter the air running through air conditioners, furnaces and central air systems. They are designed and sold as air purifiers, but mostly they are supposed to trap small air matter and dirt.


Many vacuum companies are now touting HEPA filters as a way to reduce allergens in the household, but it is not proven that these filters actually deliver on that promise. High-efficiency filters including HEPA filters do trap particulates, but whether this can actually reduce allergens inside the house is unclear. But, it is important that a vacuum have an air filter to reduce flying particulates as much as possible, especially if someone in the household has allergy problems or asthma. Dust and dirt can aggravate these conditions.

Washable filters

Many HEPA media filters are now washable, which means they can be reused and do not need frequent replacement. Companies now recommend these washable filters for home air purifiers as well as for home cleaning appliances. Air purifiers help circulate the air while removing fine dust and dirt.