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How to Paint a Field of Flowers

Chelena Goldman

Landscape paintings of fields and flowers are always a beautiful addition to your personal art collection, but buying a painting from a gallery can often break your wallet. The solution: you can paint your own field of flowers, and you don't have to be a Monet-status artist to paint it either.

In fact, it will only take you a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon to put all your regular chores aside to paint a flower field.

  1. Use your pencil to lightly create a horizon line a little over halfway to the top of your canvas.

  2. Use your flat paintbrush and blue watercolor paint to paint in your sky, using uneven, diagonal strokes to give the sky dimension. Clean off your paint brush using your cup of water to rinse the brush off and your paper towels to pat it dry.

  3. Using the same flat paintbrush, paint the bottom portion of your canvas with green watercolor paint. Layer the paint on thicker towards the bottom of the canvas to add depth to your field.

  4. While the green paint is still wet, use your round paint brush to make small dots of orange paint to represent clusters of flowers. Keep dots close together to prevent a polka dot effect. Let your entire painting dry.

  5. Use the round paint brush and orange watercolor paint to paint more flowers in the foreground of your dried painting at the bottom of your canvas. Let your entire painting dry.

  6. Tip

    You can substitute the orange watercolor paint for any color that you desire for creating your flowers.