How to Remove Black Mold from Carpet

The cause of black mold is usually too much moisture in the room, either through constant humidity or flooding. Removing black mold from carpet is not always successful, but it is worth trying when the alternative is replacing the entire carpet.

If black mold gets under carpet, problems can occur

Bleach is an effective killer of any mold, and is necessary for killing black mold. Always wear safety goggles and gloves when working with chemicals and mold.

  1. Examine the carpet to see what mold is present. If there is a lot of mold in the carpet pad underneath the carpet, then you will have to cut it away and add a new pad. Wear work gloves and peel the carpet back from the wall. You may have to cut the carpet with a carpet cutter to reach all of the moldy spots.

  2. Vacuum up as much of the water and moisture from the carpet as you can with the wet/dry vacuum. Place several fans in the room along with a dehumidifier to remove all moisture from the carpet and the room. Open all windows and doors.

  3. Create a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Add a few drops of dish soap. Pour this mixture over the mold on the carpet, and the floor beneath the carpet. Rub into the carpet with a soft brush. Mop the floor underneath with the mop.

  4. Dry the carpet and floor by blotting with old towels. The bleaching solution may ruin your carpet if it is a dark color. However, the black mold has ruined your carpet anyway, so it does not hurt to dry to remove it with bleach before replacing the entire carpet. The bleaching solution may not damage the carpet after all.

  5. Allow the room to dry with the fans and dehumidifier for 24 hours. Check to make sure that every section of the carpet, floor and carpet pad are completely dry. Go over the floor once more with the wet/dry vacuum.

  6. Replace the carpet. Press the carpet edges together where you made any cuts. Usually you will not have to repair the seam with carpet tape. However, if the rip seems to be visible, press a layer of carpet tape under the two pieces of carpet. Press the carpet into the tape to hold the two pieces together. Tack down the edges of the carpet against the carpet tacks with a rubber mallet.