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How to Kill Termites in Mulch

Helen Jain

Though termites in mulch are rare, they can move from the mulch to the home. There are ways to keep termites out of your mulch, or at least keep them from moving from the mulch into the house.

Termites can travel through mulch to the house.
  1. Check to see if there are termites in the mulch. Termites look similar to ants, so it is important to be able to distingusih between the two. Look at a picture of a termite and compare to the insect in the mulch. You can also hire a termite inspector.

  2. Spray a liquid termite treatment on the mulch and work it around so it is well-distributed.

  3. Set termite bait. Like ant bait, this slowly kills the entire colony through poisoning. The bait can be set throughout the mulch and around the edges to draw termites to it.

  4. Hire professionals to kill the termites. They have resources available in stores, so if you can't get rid of the termites, professional exterminators should be called in.