How to Get Rid of Foxes

Sara Melone

Although they may look cute and cuddly, foxes can actually turn out to be sneaky, crafty little predators that mercilessly prey on your farm animals and even cause damage to your property. Wild foxes enjoy dining on chickens, turkey, duck and geese in addition to baby pigs, lambs and small house pets.

fox in grassy field

A fox can burrow under your property's foundation or beneath stone walls and cause structural damage. In some cases, you may find you need to rid your property of wild foxes in an effort to protect your home, your land and your animals.

    electric fencing
  1. Remove all possible food sources to keep foxes from returning to scavenge your property. Stop leaving food outside for your domesticated cats and dogs, because some foxes are known to eat pet food. Protect your livestock and poultry from fox attack by erecting a wire barrier at least 6 feet high and buried at least 10 inches below ground level. You may also install electric fencing which will deliver an unpleasant shock to any fox who attempts to pass. When all the possible food sources are gone or unreachable, many foxes will cease to return to your property.

  2. fox in grassy area
  3. Put out fox repellent across the expanse of your property, and pay particular attention to your property boundaries and the areas surrounding any animals. Visit your local garden center or feed supply store to find chemical repellents which are approved for repelling foxes. Fox repellent is made with strong chemicals which foxes find offensive. Most fox repellent is not harmful to other animals, and you can find fox repellent that is made to be environmentally friendly and will not harm trees or other plant life. Follow the package instructions for using commercial fox repellent products.

  4. woman calling wildlife extermination company
  5. Check the local laws pertaining to wildlife in your area to determine whether you can utilize a wildlife extermination company or whether you will have to contact the Wildlife Protection Service or the Fish and Game Department for assistance. Call a wildlife exterminator if your state laws allow and all other fox removal efforts have failed. Look through your local Yellow Pages and business listings to find a wildlife extermination company that specializes in fox removal. Make an appointment, and the company will send out a representative to assess your property and estimate the level of the fox infestation. The exterminator will conduct fox removal upon your request and may employ hunting, trapping or poisoning methods to remove or reduce the wild fox population surrounding your home.

  6. Tip

    If you call an extermination service, you may request the company utilize the most humane removal methods possible.