Homemade Wood Glue

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Wood glue is useful in repairing broken pieces of furniture, wood toys, or even in building your own homemade wood furniture. It is an effective glue for mending broken pieces of pottery, glass, cardboard or other types of surfaces. This type of glue is helpful in preparing homemade crafts or school projects.

It is necessary to use wood glue when making homemade furniture.

Buying commercially prepared wood glue can be expensive, but making homemade wood glue is relatively simple and only takes a short amount of time.

  1. Combine one gallon of sodium silicate with two quarts of water in a large cooking pot.

  2. Heat the silicate in a pot on the stove on medium-high heat until the mixture is warm.

  3. Add one pound of shellac to the pot and continue stirring until it completely dissolves.

  4. Allow the mixture to cool and then pour it into a sturdy container with a tight-fitting lid to store it. Use in the same way you would use a commercially prepared wood glue.

  5. Tip

    It is helpful to securely clamp together the two pieces of wood while the glue dries. You can use purchased wood clamps or even strong rubber bands to hold the project together. You can find sodium silicate and shellac at hardware or home supply stores. Sodium silicate is often called "water glass" or "liquid glass."