How to Make Non-Slip Slippers

Finding the perfect pair of non-slip slippers can be difficult, but not if you make them yourself. By choosing to take on this simple project yourself, you control everything from the material and colors to the design size.

Any slipper or heavy pair of socks can be made non-slip.
  1. Trace your feet onto the cardboard if your sock/slipper does not have a hard, formed bottom. If your sock/slipper already has a formed bottom skip to Step 4.

  2. Cut out forms of your foot.

  3. Insert foot forms into your socks. This will ensure that the portion of the sock/slipper that you make non-slip covers the sole of your foot completely and does not go up the sides.

  4. Apply paint or silicone caulk to bottom of sock/slipper. This can be done in any design you want, from stars or words to simply a thin layer across the bottom. Ensure as you do this that you are not making the paint or caulk too thick to comfortably walk on.

  5. Allow to dry. Follow the directions on the paint or caulk for drying times. Once dried, remove the cardboard form, put them on and enjoy your new non-slip slippers.