How to Paint Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Heather Harris

Giving a fresh coat of paint to your outdoor wooden furniture does not require the services of a professional. Thanks to easy-to-use products, the simple job can be completed in your spare time.

Paint your own wooden furniture.

Once you choose a color, a quick trip to your local hardware or home improvement store for some inexpensive and basic supplies will provide all you need to complete this do-it-yourself paint job.

  1. Lay a drop cloth or layer of old newspaper over the surface on which you will be painting and place the furniture on top.

  2. Lightly sand the entire surface of the piece of furniture, whether it has been previously painted or not. Once you have sanded the piece, use a clean tack cloth to wipe away the dust.

  3. Apply a coat of primer according to the manufacturer's instructions, which may vary by brand, but will usually involve applying a thin, even coat of primer. Work quickly, holding the spray can a few inches to a foot from the surface. Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding.

  4. Apply a coat of paint according to the instructions on the packaging. Drying times may vary by brand and type of paint you use. Allow the first coat to dry completely, then apply additional coats if necessary to achieve full color coverage.

  5. Warning

    Work in a well-ventilated area, as paint fumes may be hazardous.

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