How to Remove Spray Paint From a Sidewalk

Meg Butler

Spray paint can end up on a sidewalk for a number of reasons. Sometimes crafts can get a little out of hand. Often times, construction workers may leave a few bright-orange arrows behind their work. Occasionally graffiti artists’ work gets a little too close to the concrete.

It's easy to remove spray paint from sidewalks.

No matter how the spray paint ends up on the sidewalk, you’ll find that it is easy to clean.


Many chemical paint removers contain toxic ingredients. Be sure to wear long clothing, a breathing mask, goggles and rubber gloves whenever handling the chemical paint remover.

  1. Rent a power washer, set it on low pressure and spray the stain away. If that is too much of an investment for a one-time job,however, move on to step 2.

  2. Apply a chemical paint remover to the spray-painted area. Chemical paint removes come in brush-on, spray-on, liquid and aerosol form. All are suitable for cleaning concrete sidewalks. Apply the chemical according to the manufacturer's instructions for application rates and methods.

  3. Scrub the paint-remover treated area with a wire brush until the spray paint stain is removed from the concrete.

  4. Spray the concrete with a hose to rinse away the removed paint and paint remover.

  5. Re-treat the area as necessary, in accordance with the chemical paint remover's instructions.