How to Replace an Old Thermostat With a Digital One

Greyson Ferguson

Analog thermostats are often hard to read and don't always give off an accurate reading. If you want pinpoint control over the temperature settings, it is possible to replace your old, analog-based thermostat with a new, digital thermostat.

Trade out your old analog thermostat for a new digital one.

These new thermostats are available at most home improvement stores and don't require a lot of skill to install.

  1. Turn off the fuse in the circuit breaker box to shut down the power to your living room (or the area in your home the thermostat is housed).

  2. Remove the Phillips screws holding the old thermostat to the wall. Set these screws in a safe place as you need them for installing the digital thermostat.

  3. Unwind the cables running into the back of the analog thermostat. Bend these away from the opening in the wall to ensure they do not fall and disappear into the hole.

  4. Insert the wires into the new mounting plate on the rear of the digital thermostat. This connects the electrical current to the new thermostat (although the current is currently turned off).

  5. Hold the digital thermostat against the wall and insert the Phillips screws through the small screw holes on the top and bottom of the device. Once tight, turn the fuse back on to restore power to the room.