How to Clean Perforated Leather

Susan Raphael

Perforated leathers have tiny holes that tend to absorb more dust and dirt than their non-perforated counterparts. However, a perforated leather item can be cleaned, and its life prolonged, with regular cleaning once or twice a week.

Keep the folds and holes in perforated leather clean.
  1. Pre-test the leather conditioner in a hidden area of your leather. This will allow you to see whether the conditioner is safe for your leather.

  2. Wipe the leather surface clean using a soft washcloth. This will ensure that you will be working on a clean surface. Gently use the horse-hair brush to loosen and remove embedded dirt. Use cotton buds to reach the folds and to clean the holes of the perforated surfaces. Clean thoroughly and wipe with a dry washcloth.

  3. Get the second washcloth and apply a pea-sized amount of leather conditioner. Allow to soak on the fabric and apply evenly on the leather surface. Add more conditioner in the washcloth, as needed depending on the size of the leather surface you are cleaning.

  4. Fold the washcloth until the unused area is exposed. Place a small amount of leather milk and let it soak. Apply on darkened areas. This will neutralize the color of the leather. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.

  5. Buff the leather thoroughly using a soft cloth until it shines.

  6. Tip

    When a leather is badly stained, put a small amount of white vinegar on the area.


    Never use baby wipes or other household cleaners on leather, as they will damage and remove the finish.