Making Your Own Tobacco Pipes

Mary Gonzales

Tobacco is a product made from dried leaves that can be consumed in various ways. One of the ways to enjoy tobacco is to smoke it in a tobacco pipe. This way, the tobacco is slowly burned while its vapors are inhaled and tasted through the pipe.

A quality homemade pipe will enhance the tobacco aroma.

A lot of the flavor and the enjoyment that accompanies tobacco smoking come from the material and the shape of the pipe. That is why it is important to learn how to make a quality tobacco pipe that will enhance and not hinder the aroma.

  1. Draw a template of a pipe on the briar block with a pencil. A briar block comes with your pipe kit. It is a piece of wood that is already attached to the pipe stem.

  2. Cut the excess material around the outline of the template with a band saw. At this point, concentrate on making only a rough shape of your tobacco pipe. Your pipe should be at least 6 inches long.

  3. Carve and shape your tobacco pipe with a rotary power tool such as Dremel or Black and Decker. Follow the template included in you pipe kite to make the pipe hole. Note that these tools have a variety of tips and pads you can use for shaping your tobacco pipe into its final form. First use rough and coarse tips to make the process faster and get to the final shape.

  4. Sand your tobacco pipe with the same rotary tool, this time using fine tips and pads.

  5. Sand the tobacco pipe with sandpaper, starting from a coarse one and finishing with a fine, 600 or 800-grit sandpaper to smooth and polish its surface.

  6. Treat the surface of the pipe with alcohol-based stain if you want to. Use a soft, natural small paintbrush for this task.

  7. Polish your tobacco pipe with wax, applying it to a polishing wheel of a rotary tool. Remember, treat the tobacco pipe only from the outside.