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How Do I Clean an Electric Grill?

Kimberley McGee

There are many benefits to using an electric grill. It won’t fill a room with smoke but will still get a good sear on any meat, fish or vegetable you place on the grates. However, an electric grill will still get all the gunk and grease mess and will need a good electric grill cleaner.

How Do I Clean an Electric Grill?

An electric grill is a great way to get all the goodness of grilled meats, seafood and vegetables without the hassle of gas or charcoal. Although they're much easier to operate, they still collect the same buildup of grease, bits of food and other debris that can damage the parts of the grill and/or affect the taste of the food. There are many electric grill cleaners on the market, from nonstick grill wipes to serious machines that can grind away the most stubborn clumps and stains.

Benefits of an Indoor Electric Grill

We don’t always have the time or inclination to fire up the outdoor grill. If readying an outdoor grill seems tiresome, or if the ability to have a hulking outdoor charcoal or gas grill isn’t feasible, an indoor electric grill is a great way to get the same sear and flavor that larger grills are known for. Many electric grills are meant for indoors. Indoor grills are versatile and bring the beauty of a barbecue meal to small spaces.

The Hanabishi electric grill is portable and one of the better smokeless models on the market that can sear your food just as well as an outdoor gas grill. The George Foreman grill is also great for many indoor grilling uses and doesn’t fill a room with smoke or serious odors from grilling foods.

Electric BBQ Grill Brush

There are many ways to clean an electric grill. The key to keeping an electric grill clean is found in the tools you use. An electric BBQ grill brush can get into the many nooks and crannies of grates and grease pans. The design of an electric grill cleaner tool makes it easy to use, which makes the tough job of tidying up a well-used electric grill that much faster. Just be careful that the electric BBQ grill brush you choose doesn’t grind away any special surfaces, such as nonstick or the protective coating on grates.

Gentle Electric Grill Cleaners

The basic way to clean a grill is by taking the many parts, from grates to brackets, and soaking them in warm, soapy water. A bit of elbow grease and a good sponge along with soapy water should get the electric grill clean after cooking basic meals. If not, there are tools that can assist in getting more difficult grease deposits off of the grill plates.

Nonstick grill wipes can carry away grime in a few easy swipes. They come in a variety of sizes, scents and surfaces to tackle tough, greasy jobs that tend to come with using grills.

If you want a pristine grill surface, the George Foreman cleaning brush does a pretty good job of getting into the nooks and crannies of a grill that can get gunked up with fats and oils from meats and cheeses. The ergonomic and well-designed George Foreman cleaning brush cleans the electric indoor grill easily without leaving debilitating scratch marks or gouges. It can be used on most any indoor grill with a nonstick surface that needs a gentle clean.