How do I Care for Eucalyptus Oil Sealer on Outdoor Furniture?

Caroline Folkenroth

Eucalyptus is the fastest growing and is an environmentally friendly dense hardwood. Like other hardwoods, it requires proper maintenance to keep it looking new. Hardwood is a natural living fiber that over time lightens in sunlight and weathers to a light silver color if left unprotected from the elements.

Eucaliptus is the fastest growing dense hardwood.

Furniture made from eucalyptus wood has straight, light wood grain similar to teak with pinkish-brown tones.

  1. Wash eucalyptus furniture to remove dirt and debris with a clean cloth and water. Use a mild soap such as dish detergent and a scrub brush if there is persistent dirt. Mold, pollen and cobwebs are common on neglected outdoor furniture.

  2. Rinse eucalyptus furniture thoroughly and allow it to dry completely.

  3. Move the eucalyptus furniture to a shady location and apply linseed oil liberally over surface.

  4. Wait one to two hours and wipe remaining oil from surface of eucalyptus furniture.

  5. Allow furniture to dry completely before returning it to sunlight or using it. This will take at least four to six hours of dry time depending on temperature and humidity. Repeat this process two to four times a season in the spring and summer.