Is Termite Waste Toxic?

Termite waste or droppings are also called fecal pellets or “frass.” It is found in piles outside holes where termite colonies reside. Termite waste is not toxic, but should be removed.

Termite workers push frass out of holes daily.


Termite frass is used by termites to feed larvae. This introduces wood-eating bacteria into the larvae digestive system. Termite frass is full of decomposing wood fibers that can eventually become soil.


Checking for fresh termite waste is a good way to see if an extermination program has worked. Removing the frass daily and not finding any for a week is a good indication that the colony is dead.


Subterranean termites, or those that live underground, excrete round pellets. Drywood termites have frass that resembles sawdust. Neither is toxic.