How to Hang Shelves and Coat Racks

Wall-mounted shelves and coat racks solve space and organization challenges by making use of your walls. Locating the vertical framing boards inside the wall, called studs, is the key to successfully mounting objects on a wall.

Install wall-mounted shelves and coat racks for additional organizational elements in your home.

The fasteners provided with the shelving or rack must be driven into the studs for a secure installation. Studs can be located with a basic carpentry tool called a stud finder. Once the studs are located, you can mount shelves, racks and other organizational objects on your walls with the same procedure.

  1. Slide the stud finder along the wall at the approximate height you would like to locate the shelf or rack. Mark the studs at the locations indicated on the stud finder with a pencil.

  2. Place the shelf or coat rack against the wall. Set a level on top of the horizontal surface of the shelf or rack. Level the shelf or rack.

  3. Mark the position of the fastener holes on the wall while holding the shelf or rack in place using a pencil. Remove the shelf or rack from the wall.

  4. Drill a pilot-hole at the pencil marks indicating the position of the fastener holes on the wall using a drill with a 1/16-inch pilot bit.

  5. Align the shelf or rack against the wall with the holes lined up. Drive screws through the holes in the shelf or rack to fasten them in place using a screwdriver.

  6. Tip

    Mount shelves and racks in transitional areas of your home to provide a convenient place to hang garments and place small objects.


    Wear eye protection when operating a drill.


  • Wear eye protection when operating a drill.