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Does Bleach Kill Fire Ants?

Jennifer Eblin

Fire ants are extremely aggressive creatures that attack when provoked. Though the ants typically live in underground tunnels, you may notice some entering your home. Bleach is one of the home remedies to kill fire ants inside and outside, but it doesn’t work in all situations.

Fire ants are a common pest around the house.


FireAnt.net recommends using Clorox Bath Cleaner, which contains bleach. If you can’t find the bathroom cleaner, mix a small amount of bleach into a spray bottle, with cool water and use on the ants.


The bleach cleaner only works inside if you have linoleum or wood floors. Spray the bleach onto any fire ants you see and along areas where you saw the ants before. The bleach kills ants on contact, but you need to mop the bleach up before it damages your flooring.


The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture warns against using bleach or any other home remedy to remove fire ants. This kills fire ants in the immediate area, but doesn’t treat the overall problem.