How to Winterize Hot Spring Spas

Kenneth W. Michael Wills

A Hot Spring spa can be used year round and does not need to be winterized unless you don't use it in the winter. Most damage that occurs to a Hot Spring spa during winter is associated with improper draining, not usage.

Winterize your Hot Spring spa if it won't be used during cold weather.

You can winterize a Hot Spring spa easily and should protect the inactive spa from extreme temperatures.

  1. Turn off the spa’s water heater and unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Turn off the circuit breaker to the spa.

  2. Drain the spa completely by attaching a water hose to the bottom drain and siphoning out any water.

  3. Put the cover back on your spa, turn on the circuit breaker and then turn on your spa’s electric air blower. This will dry out the spa and should take about one minute. Next, remove the spa cover again and use a towel to wipe up any leftover water.

  4. Turn of all power sources to the spa again, including the circuit breaker.

  5. Loosen all plastic couplers and drain connections to your spa. This will prevent any water from collecting and freezing in the piping system, and causing it to crack. Remove any bleed valves from the spa system. Place the cover back on your spa, and close the equipment and electrical panels. Cover the spa with a tarp to protect it from the elements.