DIY Horseshoe Nail Jewelry

Jennifer Uhl

Horseshoe nails are hardened steel or stainless-steel nails that attach shoes to the bottom of horse's hooves. As such, they are a common icon for equine enthusiasts that you can incorporate into jewelry designs. Use either new or used horse shoe nails depending on the final product you have in mind.

  1. Create your horseshoe nail jewelry design. Determine where you will bend each nail to create the intended design. For a horseshoe nail pendant, a single loop on the point end of the nail is all that is required.

  2. Mark the horseshoe nail with a pen or marker where you intend to bend the horseshoe nail to create a guide. Grip the nail firmly with needle nose pliers just below the intended bend point.

  3. Use a second pair of pliers or your fingers to bend the tip of the horseshoe nail at the desired bend point. Bend the nail completely until the point is touching the shaft of the nail.

  4. Press the touching parts of the nail together as firmly as possible using your pliers. There should be an opening at the top of the nail large enough to accommodate a necklace chain.

  5. Polish your bent horseshoe nail using the polishing cloth. Polishing is easier before the nail is strung onto a chain.

  6. String your finished horseshoe nail pendant onto a chain. Both regular chain necklaces and ball chain necklaces are effective for horseshoe nail jewelry.

  7. Tip

    Experiment with other bending designs to create additional pieces of jewelry. Horseshoe nails are relatively flexible and easy to work with, allowing them to work well as elements for pendants, necklaces, bracelets and ring designs.