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How to Clean a Rusty Nail With Coke

Racheal Ambrose

Nails left outside or near water often develop rust over time. The rust eventually destroys the nail. Remove the rust to extend the life of the nail or to clean up its appearance. The acid in Coke eats away at the rust, according to the product website. When handling rusty nails, avoid touching the tips.

Clean rusty nails with Coke rather than throwing them away.

If you do cut yourself, you may need a tetanus shot.

    Use a wide bowl to give the nails plenty of room.
  1. Drop the nail or nails into the bowl.

  2. Pour Coke slowly over the nails to submerge them. Coke, especially if it's fresh, will bubble up and spill over the bowl if you pour too much.

  3. Soak the nails in the Coke for 30 minutes.

  4. Dump out the nails and Coke into a sink. Rinse the nails with water.

  5. Inspect each nail. Scrub off any remaining rust with the toothbrush, and rinse with water.

  6. Lay the nails out to dry before using or storing.