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Nail Polish Stain Removal From Stone Tile

There are certain things that you absolutely don't want to spill, but each and every time it seems like you're bound to have an accident. Nail polish clean-up can seem like a daunting task, but it's really not. There are a few items that you can use in order to clean up the area. Just work quickly.

Nail Polish Stain Removal From Stone Tile

There are some moments in life where you can't afford or have the time to get a manicure or pedicure done professionally, which is the beauty of doing your nails at home. Going to a nail salon can be time-consuming, and sometimes you may not feel like interacting with others. After you relish in saving a bit of money, the unthinkable happens: You spill some of your nail polish on the floor. Your life may feel like it's officially over, but you can remove a nail polish stain from the tile, even if the stain appears as though it will completely ruin your stone tile flooring.

Nail Polish Components

Nail polish stains can be super frightening, but they're not as dire if you work quickly. If you spill nail polish on stone tile, you don't have to worry about it soaking into the stone and staining the surface. Because nail polish dries down quickly and binds, it won't seep into the stone. As soon as the nail polish spills, you have to access what type of stone tile that you have quickly. If the stone is rough, it's going to be a bit difficult, so you need to clean up the stain before it dries down fully.

Nail Polish Stain Removal

Immediately after you spill nail polish on the floor, your first instinct may be to start screaming and curse the day that you ever thought of trying to do your nails. Nail polish can be sticky, cause an absolute mess and, although it may seem like polish takes a million years to dry on your nails, it dries pretty quickly on a stone floor varnish. To remove nail polish stains from flooring and tile surfaces, such as bluestone, brick, concrete, flagstone, granite, limestone, masonry tile, sandstone, slate or terrazzo, you need to remove the excess nail polish swiftly.

First, you're going to use a cloth dipped in acetone to get up the excess nail polish. Acetone is a solvent for plastics and fibers, but it is also used as a nail polish remover. It evaporates quickly, so it's safe to use, even when cleaning up a nail polish stain. After you dip the cloth in acetone, you're going to dab at the stain until you can't get up any more of the stain. You don't want to wipe the nail polish up because it will just smear the stain and cause a bigger mess. After you get up as much of the nail polish with acetone, you're going to wash the area with a brush. You can use detergent and water to wipe up the remaining nail polish. Just make sure to wipe the area clean with water and let the area dry.

Removing Nail Polish From Tile

If you happen to spill nail polish and it gets on your grout, you are going to follow the same process. First, you'll use a sponge or cloth to try and remove the nail polish from the tile as much as possible. Then, instead of washing the area with a brush, you're going to dip a wet toothbrush into a powered cleaner and scrub the affected area with light pressure. Afterward, you're going to rinse the area with water and wipe the area dry. Nail polish clean up doesn't have to feel like a life or death situation – as long as you work quickly.