How to Clean Unsealed Granite

Sarabeth Asaff

Granite countertops and granite tiles feature throughout many homes for their beauty and style. Granite, like many kinds of natural stone, is porous and subject to staining, etching and wear if not cared for properly.

Clean unsealed granite frequently to prevent staining.

Sealers can be applied to stones like granite to help protect them from spills and stains, by giving the homeowner time to wipe up a stain. If your stone has not been sealed, clean it with the same products, but take care to clean it more frequently, wiping up spills before they have a chance to set and stain.

  1. Wipe the stone with a lint-free cloth slightly dampened with water to remove any liquid spills. Take care not to dry the surface of the stone with the material on it; absorb or remove only the excess liquid.

  2. Sweep the stone with a soft brush to remove any dry particles, dust or debris from the surface of the stone. Do not use a beater bar or any abrasive tools on the stone to avoid scratching it.

  3. Spray a neutral pH cleaner or stone cleaner directly onto the granite. Take care to hit any areas that have come in contact with spills or liquid materials directly with the stone cleaner spray.

  4. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to work the stone cleaner into the stone, cleaning and drying the surface of the granite at once. Work the cloth in a circular motion over the stone, spraying additional cleaner on dry areas. The cloth should dampen slightly, but the stone should be dry after you rub it.