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How to Properly Seal Nail or Screw Holes on the Exterior of Your Home

Joshua Black

Wind, rain, and other weather extremes can stress the structural materials in your home. Nail holes that penetrate either a wall or your roof create the possibility that these weather elements can make their way inside your home, either causing property damage or increasing your utility bills. You can seal these small nails holes yourself using a few basic supplies.

Weatherize your home by sealing external nail holes.
  1. Remove a nail that protrudes through the roof using a claw hammer.

  2. Seal the roof nail hole with a small dab of urethane roofing cement. This cement will stick to the existing shingles or roofing material and create a watertight bond where the nail hole is located. Cut open the tube of sealant with a knife and apply it with a caulk gun. This sealant is colored black and should be used for roofing repairs only.

  3. Remove any nails protruding from exterior walls using a claw hammer.

  4. Place a small bead of clear silicone caulk over the hole where the nail was removed. Cut open the tube of silicone with a knife and apply it with a caulk gun. The silicone will dry clear, matching any external wall color of your home.