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How to Secure Loose Shingles

Constance Barker

Check your roof periodically for loose or damaged shingles, especially after storms or high winds. Loose or damaged shingles are easily repaired provided you find the shingle before damage is done to the roof trusses. Certain steps ensure proper securing of loose shingles.

  1. Remove old nails from the loose shingle with a pry bar. Inspect the shingle to ensure no damage has occurred.

  2. Apply roof cement to the back side of the shingle, place the shingle back into its slot on the roof. Position the shingle so it lines up with the other shingles.

  3. Lift the bottom part of the shingle above the one you just cemented. Place roofing nails on the top side of the loose shingle and hammer into place. Lay down the shingle bottom you were holding up to hammer in the nails to the loose shingle. The top shingle should be covering the bottom shingle's nails.

  4. Apply a dab of roofing cement to the nail heads to guard against leaks.

  5. Keep replacement shingles on hand and use one of them if the loose shingle is torn or damaged. Apply the replacement shingle the same way you secure a loose shingle.

  6. Tip

    Shingles work easier in warmer weather, so try to complete any repair during warm-weather months.