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Uses For Liquid Starch

Cricket Webber

Liquid laundry starch is primarily used in the washing machine to stiffen fabrics and offer added protection from staining. You can buy commercially prepared liquid starch or you can make your own by mixing 1 tbsp. cornstarch into 1 pint cold water.

Liquid laundry starch can be used in many other applications than just laundry. It is especially handy in children's crafts because it does not contain harmful ingredients.

Homemade Silly Putty

Silly putty is a sticky, dough-like substance. One of its key features is its ability to pick up pictures from newspaper print. You can make your own version of silly putty with liquid laundry starch. Combine 1/2 cup white craft glue with food coloring in a small bowl. From 1/4 cup liquid laundry starch, add 1 tbsp. of starch at a time to the glue and food coloring until you are able to mix it into a smooth texture. Work the putty with your hands until it is smooth all the way through.

Homemade Slime

Slime is the same basic idea as silly putty, but it is wetter and slimier. Kids love slime because of the texture. Mix 1/4 cup white craft glue, 1/4 cup water and food coloring in a small bowl or cup. Add 1/4 cup liquid laundry starch and stir until incorporated. Once the slime is fully mixed, you can take it out of the cup or bowl. Store slime in a zippered plastic bag if you want to keep it from drying out. Slime will pick up lint and dirt eventually and dry out as you play with it.

Homemade Finger Paint

Store-bought finger paint can get expensive, but you can make finger paint as you need it without worrying it will dry out before you can use it. Add powdered tempera paint to 2 tbsp. liquid laundry starch. Mix well, and use the paint the same way you would use finger paints. Tempera paints are available in large containers that keep well, so you can make paint in small batches.