How to Assemble Computer Desks

Mary McNally

Computer desks come in a variety of configurations, and you can save time and money by putting together your computer desk by yourself. You are able to take your desk home immediately once you buy it, and you do not have to pay for delivery or an assembly fee.

Some computer desks come ready to assemble.

All ready-to-assemble computer desks come with assembly instructions, and many manufacturers will provide a customer service number you can call if you get stuck in the assembly process.

  1. Sort the hardware such as screws, metal plates, cams and cam dowels into separate bowls. Lay out the separate computer desk pieces on a soft rug according to their numbers or letters.

  2. Place the computer desktop pieces underside-up together on the floor. Put the joining plates over the pre-drilled holes, and screw the plate screws through the plate and into the bottom side of the computer desktop to join its pieces together.

  3. Use a screwdriver to secure the keyboard tracks to the insides of the desktop braces. Screw on the tracking wheels and tracks on either side of the keyboard tray. Set the keyboard tray aside. Mount the braces to the underside of the desktop with the metal mounting plates and screws provided. Mount the sides of the computer desk to the underside of the desktop with the metal mounting plates and screws provided.

  4. Insert the hidden cams into the large holes on the surface of both ends of the shelves of the computer desk. Make sure their arrows are pointing toward the edge of the shelves. Insert the metal end of a cam dowel into each side hole drilled under the cam holes. Position the computer desk shelves on the desk sides until their cam dowels line up with the cam dowel holes on the desk sides. Join the sides and shelves together with the cam dowels; tighten the hidden cams with a screwdriver until you cannot move them anymore and the shelves stay in place.

  5. Screw in the kick plates on the front-bottom of the computer desk. Place the tracking wheels of the keyboard tray into the tracks on the braces, and roll the keyboard tray into place. Press screw caps into place to hide any exposed screws. Flip the computer desk upright, and place it in your desired area.

  6. Warning

    Do not tighten the hidden cam before the shelves and desk sides are joined together by the cam dowel. The hidden cam forms an axis with the cam dowel and locks the dowel in place when the hidden cam is tightened.